Our Services



We have air conditioned and or heated indoor runs and stainless steel cages. Since city
law prohibits newer facilities from having indoor-outdoor runs, our boarded pets are leash
exercised three times daily. Animals are admitted and discharged during normal business
hours. Exceptions to the discharge rule can be made over long weekends. Owners may
bring toys, favorite blankets, anything to make your pet’s stay more like home.

Your time is valuable to you. Therefore we operate primarily by appointments. Appointments can be made on-line on this site or by using your smart-phone or by calling 573-893-4030.
“Drop off” appointments are also available for your convenience. Your pet can be left with us on your way to work and picked up on your way home. There is no extra fee for this service. All pets brought to our hospital must be on a leash, in a pet carrier, or in your arms. This is for the safety of your pet as well as all others.

Payment is expected at the time of service or prior to the discharge of your pet. We accept personal checks, cash, debit cards, Master Charge, or Visa only. Ask about our “hold Check” payment method for times when necessary services are needed that are outside your budget. Our hospital receives no support from charitable organizations therefore, our payment policy has no exceptions so we can maintain all our services.