Our Services

Our clients are the most important people in our hospital. Our clients are not dependent on us. We are dependent on them. Our clients time is as valuable to them as our time is to us. We try very hard to minimize any time spent waiting. Our clients are not an interruption of our work – they are the purpose of it. We are not doing them a favor by serving them – they are doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to serve them. Our clients are people who bring us their needs. It is our job to fill them.

Proudly making your pets happy since 1980

  • Grooming

      We offer bathing, combing, dematting, and “short” comfort clips that are scheduled with and performed by our staff. Pets that have a history of not agreeing with the entire grooming process are tranquilized and monitored by Dr .Esterly. APPOINTMENT…

  • Boarding

      We have air conditioned and or heated indoor runs and stainless steel cages. Since city law prohibits newer facilities from having indoor-outdoor runs, our boarded pets are leash exercised three times daily. Animals are admitted and discharged during normal…